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Hello. We're Animas.


We make insulin pumps—medical devices designed to give people better control over their Type 1 diabetes. We also give our time, guidance, and support to the people who use them.


Our pumpers are our reason for being. We believe in doing everything in our power to help them lead vital, healthy lives. And though this disease may be a silent and moving target, it will not win.

Animas ezAccess Upgrade Program


Upgrade from the OneTouch® Ping® Insulin Pump to our new technology, the Animas® Vibe™ Insulin Pump.


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The Decision Tree

She was 140mg/dL when Mr. Rose dropped her off for her youth group at church a few years ago. I immediately thought about what time her last bolus..




 *The Animas® Vibe™ System is indicated for adult patients 18 years and older only.



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