Preparing for Diabetes Emergencies

Dealing with the unexpected.

Preparing for Diabetes Emergencies

Sometimes life throws you curveballs. For a person with diabetes, it's important to be prepared.


Today might seem like any other day, but you never know. So no matter where you're going, it's a great idea to have an emergency kit of diabetes and pumping supplies easily accessible just in case the unexpected happens.

Getting your kit together

Your kit should contain emergency contact information, and your healthcare professional's name and phone number. It should also contain emergency supplies such as:


  • An injectable insulin supply, syringe and needle, and alcohol swabs
  • Blood glucose monitoring supplies including meter, test strips or sensors, lancing device, lancets, and glucose meter batteries
  • Fast-acting source of sugar such as candy, glucose tablets or gel, juice, fruit, etc
  • Site preparation supplies
  • An extra infusion set
  • Dressing and adhesive
  • Insulin pump cartridges
  • Extra batteries for your pump
  • Medical identification such as jewelry or a wallet card
  • Glucagon kit

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