How insulin pumping works

Insulin pump basics

How Insulin Pumping works

An insulin pump can help make living well possible in a way that's different from taking multiple injections. Pumpers experience new levels of freedom, flexibility and control.


Like your pancreas, the OneTouch® Ping® insulin pump releases small amounts of rapid-acting insulin to keep blood glucose levels steady between meals and during sleep. This is called the basal rate.


Then, at meal or snack time, you can tell the pump to deliver the amount of insulin needed to match the grams of carbohydrate in the food that is eaten, just like a healthy pancreas. This is called a bolus.


Living with a pump

Even though insulin pumps have a big job to do, they’re surprisingly small and give you the ability to quickly and easily adjust your insulin based on your body's immediate needs.


The OneTouch Ping insulin pump is about the size of a cell phone. It's so discreet, no one has to know you're wearing one unless you want them to. It has a color screen, several buttons, a cartridge filled with rapid-acting insulin and a compact motor that pushes precise amounts of insulin from the cartridge through a thin plastic tube and into the body (this is called an infusion set).


Infusion sets come in all varieties, just like the people who use them. We think having a choice is important, so we'll help you find the best set for you.




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