Caring for kids with insulin pumps

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Caring for Kids with Insulin Pumps

Kids never stop moving. Not even for diabetes. The predictability of pump therapy can help make things more manageable.


What to teach the teacher

Having a child with diabetes can be challenging. But there's often a bigger challenge when it's time for your child to go to school.


It's important for the teacher to have all the necessary information to help your child succeed. First, be sure that the teacher understands diabetes. He or she should know why your child needs insulin, how often and how it's administered, as well as know the symptoms of hypoglycemia (low blood glucose) and hyperglycemia (high blood glucose), and how to treat them.


Teacher's guide

One way to present the information is in a diabetes management guide. This should provide the teacher with the information needed regarding diabetes and your child's pump. Include the following information: 

  • Symptoms of hypoglycemia and hyperglycemia
  • How to treat hypoglycemia and hyperglycemia
  • Type of pump your child uses
  • Type of insulin
  • Type of infusion set
  • Basal rates
  • Insulin to carb ratio
  • Correction factor/ISF
  • Skills your child needs assistance with such as bolusing, blood glucose (BG) testing, carbohydrate counting, and so on.
  • Times to check BG
  • Target BG range 

This information can be distributed to the necessary school staff members, such as the school nurse, teacher, and office staff. It should also be reviewed with any substitute teachers. These people also need to be prepared in case of an emergency.

Emergency kit

Another helpful and critical element is an emergency kit. School staff should be instructed on how to use the items in the kit and how to use the pump. See our recommendations for the contents of an emergency kit here.


You can also find helpful information at Although all this information can be a lot for your child's teacher to remember, you can make it easier for all involved by organizing the information and keeping communication lines open.

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