Online diabetes education

We want you to have the information you need to help make living with diabetes easier.

Online diabetes education

Whether you're considering insulin pump therapy or are a seasoned pumper, our workbook will help you to build up your knowledge in no time.


Learn about diabetes management and insulin pump therapy with the workbook below.

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Downloadable workbooks

My Insulin pump workbook

Basic to advanced information which will assist with pump skills, including the basics of pump therapy, carb counting, record keeping, beginning pump therapy, infusion sets and sites, high/low blood glucose, sick days, exercise, fine tuning doses, and advanced pump features such as temporary basal rates and combination bolus.

Mi bomba de insulina libro de ejercicios

Información desde básica hasta avanzada que ayudará a la preparación para el uso de la bomba (temas básicos de la terapia con bomba, conteo de carbohidratos, registro de datos), inicio de terapia con bomba (equipos/sitios de transfusión, niveles altos/bajos de glucemia, días de enfermedad, ejercicio, ajuste fino de dosis) y funciones avanzadas de la bomba (caudal basal temporal, bolo combinado).


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