Bathing and swimming with an insulin pump

How to get wet without getting worried.

Bathing and Swimming with an Insulin Pump

Jump in the pool. Hit the shower. Or just get wet! Animas® and OneTouch® Ping® insulin pumps* are waterproof at 12 feet for 24 hours. So, even “overboard,” your pump can still keep pumping. The Animas pump is designed to keep on pumping in the event of unexpected water exposure.


The OneTouch Ping meter-remote must not be exposed to water.


To wear your Animas insulin pump while swimming, simply clip it to your swimwear or place it in a small sport case designed to hold your pump. If you want to keep the pump connected in the shower or tub, you can place it in the soap dish or leave it at the bottom of the tub. Whatever works for you!


Be sure to remove your pump, infusion set and tubing prior to using hot tubs, whirlpools or saunas. Exposure to extreme temperatures could affect the quality of the insulin inside the pump and infusion set.


If you choose, you can disconnect the pump and most infusion sets for up to one hour. However, always follow your healthcare professional's recommendations when disconnecting your pump. And don't forget to check your blood glucose levels before and after you disconnect for any length of time.


Note: Do not wear your Animas insulin pump when diving or in water at depths greater than 12 feet

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