Why download when you can Diasend®?

Diasend Uploader

Diasend® is a web-based diabetes management system that allows you to store, review, and print your insulin pump and blood glucose meter data on the Diasend® website. Since the system is web-based, you can upload your data at home, and your authorized healthcare providers can review it between or during appointments, neatly sorted into charts and graphs on the secure HIPAA-compliant Diasend® website.  During your appointments, you can sit together to review what's working and identify where there is room for improvement. You will need to install Diasend® Uploader in order to upload your data to your Diasend.com account.


  • Integrated pump and glucose meter data: Diasend® Uploader is compatible with the Animas® IR 1250 and Animas® 2020 insulin pumps, OneTouch® Ping® glucose management system, and most glucose meters used by Animas patients
  • With Diasend® Uploader, there are fewer steps to access and review data
  • New and improved reports: Diasend® offers a standardized, familiar format to review data
  • Compatible with both Mac and Windows (see specifications below)

System Requirements

  • PC running Microsoft® Vista®, Microsoft® Windows® XP, Microsoft® Windows® 7 or Apple computer running Mac OS® 10.5.7 or later
  • Actisys ACT-IR 224UN-Li wireless download cable. Please visit the Get software page to obtain
  • Internet access


Microsoft®, Windows® and Vista® are registerd trademarks of Microsoft Corporation, Mac OS® are registered trademark of Apple corporation.





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