Animas® 2020 support

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Animas® 2020 support

2020 Series Users - Discontinuation Notice


Animas Corporation has recently stopped taking orders for and using the Animas® 2020 insulin pump for warranty replacements in the U.S.


Your pump is an important part of your life. So when you have a question, you need answers and solutions right away, whether it's 1 p.m. or 1 a.m. As some of us are pumpers ourselves (and friends and family of pumpers), we understand this all too well.


That's why, at Animas, we have trained healthcare professionals available to offer customer technical support 24/7. We are still supporting the Animas® 2020 pump and can get you the answers you need quickly and without interrupting your busy life. It's all about peace of mind. If you have technical questions about your 2020, please call us at 877-937-7867, option 1, or contact us via our website.


Also, if you're ready to upgrade to our latest insulin pump, OneTouch® Ping®, we can take care of that, too and help you make the transition. Although the pump itself operates very similar to the Animas® 2020, there are a few new things to learn. The Animas team will have you covered with educational materials, training and support as needed.


Call us. Anytime.

Isn't it nice to know there's a hotline to customer support? Just call 1-877- YES-PUMP (1-877-937-7867) and press one of the following options:

  • #1- for 24/7 Technical Support assistance with your insulin pump system
  • #2- for ordering supplies or checking the status of your e-store order-Business hours
  • #3- for information on obtaining or upgrading your 2020 pump to a One Touch Ping 
          Glucose Management System
  • #4- to make a payment or check on your insurance or a bill
  • #5- for ezManager software/assistance or transfer to Diasend


Animas IR 2020 virtual tour

Animas® 2020 virtual tour

Take an interactive tour of the Animas® 2020 pump.


Animas IR 2020 user guide

Animas® 2020 user guide

Download a PDF version of the Animas® 2020 user guide.


Animas IR 2020 features and specifications

Animas® 2020 features and specifications

Just the facts about the Animas® 2020.


Animas pump warranty

Animas® pump warranty

Get the limited warranty details.


Upgrade to OneTouch Ping

Upgrade to OneTouch® Ping™

It's easy to step up to our latest.

Upgrade me

Insulin pump FAQs

Insulin pump FAQs

Some of the most common questions we've been asked about pumping and Animas products.




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