Get the details on your Animas® 2020 Insulin Pump

Product specifications

Get the details on your Animas® 2020 Insulin Pump



Flat panel, high-contrast color screen; largest available



Pink Glow, Limelight, Blue, Silver or Black


Personalized Dosing

Optimize your dosing by choosing your own times for your insulin-to-carb ratios, insulin sensitivity factors (ISF), and blood glucose targets in 30-minute increments; up to 12 personal settings



Compatible with all insulin infusion sets using a standard Luer lock connection


ezCarb In-Pump Food Database

Create an individualized food database of up to 500 food items right in your pump


Customizable Basal Programs

Choose the names of your 4 basal programs to match your insulin needs, lifestyle, and activities, such as "weekend," "karate," or "vacation"


Personalized Audio Notification

Compose your own tune or set to vibrate for most pump alert sounds


Sick Day Quick Reference

Enter quick tips based on input from your healthcare team to manage your diabetes on sick days


Battery Life

Uses one AA (1.5V) lithium battery, lasting 5 to 7 weeks, for more convenience (using an alkaline AA battery results in shorter battery life)



Waterproof at 12 feet for up to 24 hours; ideal for swimming, showering, or unexpected contact with water


Resistant to Static Electricity

Built with insulating materials, so it can function side by side with your other electronic devices without interruption to your insulin delivery (meets requirements of IEC60601-1 as modified by IEC60601-2-24)



Personal settings and pump history are safely stored in memory, even if batteries are removed for an extended period of time


Low-Cartridge Warnings

Customize your pump to give you a warning when there are 10 to 50 U left—you choose the increment



Automatically calculate a correction bolus based on your personal settings by entering a blood glucose reading


Basal Rate Adjustment

0.025 U/hr basal rate insulin adjustments for the most precise fine-tuning available—no dilution necessary


Bolus Dosing

0.05 U increment helps match insulin with food intake


Combo Bolus

Set both a normal and extended bolus for up to 12 hours in one easy step to cover high-fat meals or "grazing"—helps you manage your blood sugar after you eat



Fast, easy shortcut to the bolus screen with fewer button presses and less scrolling


Insulin on Board

Keeps track of unused bolus insulin to help prevent hypoglycemia due to "stacking"


Temporary Basal Rate

Easily reduce or increase your basal rate by the percentage you need and for the length of time you choose


Comprehensive Memory

Store your last 500 carb and blood glucose values, in addition to your previous 500 Boluses, 120 Daily Totals, 30 Alarms, 60 Primes, 30 Suspends, and 270 Basal Records


Download Capability

Download your pump information to your PC with our ezManager® Plus software to view blood glucose and carb patterns—information you and your healthcare team can use to make adjustments for better control



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