inset® 30 angled infusion set specifications

Product specifications

inset 30 angled infusion set

Insertion Angle

Pre-fixed 30 degrees


Insertion Device

Yes, incorporated in the product


Disconnection Feature

One-handed disconnection at-site, reversible connector


Standard Luer-lock



Cannula Length




Blue, Grey, and Pink


Tubing Length

23” and 43” (60 cm and 110 cm)


Cannula/Needle Gauge

0.68 mm soft cannula / 27 gauge introducer needle



  • No separate inserter required – they’re pre-loaded
  • One-handed insertions enable you to reach more places for more infusion site options
  • Convenient, built-in needle cover for after use
  • Friendly packaging to carry in a pocket or purse 


*Placement and insertion for both inset® and inset® 30 can be done one-handed. When removing the introducer needle, inset® 30 requires holding the set in place with the other hand.



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