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Gone Fishing

AUGUST 13,2010

Gone Fishing

I have been pumping insulin since 2003, making the move from multiple daily injections to an insulin pump in pursuit of a healthy pregnancy and a cute baby. (Scored on both accounts, thankfully.) I love pumping. Such a nice change from busting out those orange-capped syringes and injecting into my skin every few hours. Even when I’m having trouble hiding the pump in a dress or feeling frustrated with the hardware aspects of things, I still prefer it 100% to injections.

In the last seven years of pumping, I have gone on vacations to tropical islands, gotten engaged, walked down the aisle to marry my husband, traveled to Spain, gone hiking in the wilds of Maine, and even spent nine months pregnant with my beautiful daughter. All with the pump attached firmly to my skin, delivering the insulin I need. (Unless the stupid cat bites through the tubing, which has only happened once.) It goes to bed with me every night, and I wake up with it every morning. It works out with me at the gym. It goes out to dinner with me when my husband and I have our Date Nights. It goes on trains, planes, and automobiles without batting a pumpy eye. 

But last week, I did something I have never, ever done before. Not even once in the seven years of pumping have I done this. But when I think about it, it’s amazing that it’s never happened before.

I’m not sure how to relay this information without venturing into “TMI Land,” but the set-up is this: I was making my morning excursion into the ladies’ room for a routine urine evacuation. Upon completion of said evacuation, I stood up and grabbed the waistband of my shorts. Upon grabbing of said waistband, my pump decided it was done hanging on to my shorts and made a jump for the toilet. Which was, at the time, flushing. It hit the toilet with a clatter and started to roll into the bowl.

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Meet Kerri Sparling

Kerri Sparling

Passions: Diabetes advocacy, social media, health 2.0, the Red Sox, books, cats


Daily mantra: “Diabetes doesn’t define me, but it helps explain me.”

Diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in 1986 when she was six years old, Kerri gets her diabetes game on every day.
One of today’s most passionate advocates for diabetes awareness, Kerri is the author and creator of  “Six Until Me” one of the first and most widely read diabetes blogs, read by patients, medical professionals and those living with chronic illness. Her blog has been spotlighted on WebMD, The Lancet, AOL, US News and World Report and CNBC.  A firm believer in the power of social media to promote diabetes awareness, she is a popular speaker at new media conferences nationwide.

But there’s a LOT more to Kerri than the “diabetes stuff.”  Besides being a natural-born communicator, she’s also a new mom to her baby daughter (BSparl), photographer (passionate dabbler), book club leader (avid reader of other people’s dog-eared favorites) and cat lover (big time!).  She roots for the Red Sox (there ARE no other teams), is married to a “brilliant man” (her words) and does cardio and resistance training five days a week (really!).  A  self-confessed coffee “addict,” Kerri appreciates her coffee more now after taking nine months of pregnancy off from caffeine.  Decaf or not, Kerri’s living proof that diabetes doesn’t have to slow you down.

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