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  Animas® Vibe® insulin pump and CGM system Medtronic MiniMed® 530G with Enlite Insulet OmniPod® + Personal Diabetes Manager (PDM) Tandem t:slim G4™ System
Pump performance
Fastest speed of bolus delivery1
Time to deliver a 5 U Bolus
8.3 seconds* 183 seconds 183 seconds 92 seconds
Accuracy and precision of basal deliveryb, 2-6
Percent of doses inside a ±10% threshold at 0.50 U/hr
86%c, d 73% 23% 51%
Bolus calculator corrects to the mid-point of BG target1 Corrects to the mid-point of blood glucose target range Corrects to the upper or lower limit of blood glucose target range Correct to 70 mg/dL lower limit and target blood glucose valuef Not studied
Continuous glucose monitor integration
Most accurate pump-integrated sensorg, 2-6
10.8% 17.9% No integrated CGM 10.8%
7-day sensor wear Indicated for 7-day sensor wear Indicated for 6-day sensor wear No integrated CGM Indicated for 7-day sensor wear
Size of introducer needlej, k 26 gauge circular insertion needle by area calculator 23 gauge x 27 gauge oval insertion needle (24 gauge by area calculation) No integrated CGM 26 gauge circular insertion needle by area calculator
CGM trend lines and arrows in color First insulin pump to integrate CGM data with a high-contrast color screen Gray-scale insulin pump screen No integrated CGM Insulin pump integrated with Dexcom CGM
Insulin dosing and delivery
Food database integrated into bolus calculator In-pump food database (up to 500 food items) No food database Food library available but requires manual input to use with bolus calculator No food database
Smallest increment available across all basal rates7 0.025 U across all basal rates(0.025 U/hr to 25 U/hr) 0.025 U; only available up to 1 U/hr 0.05 U 0.001 U; only available from 0.1 U/hr and above
Large bolus size available 35 U 25 U 30 U 25 U
Lifestyle convenience
Waterproof for 12 feet for 24 hoursm, n Insulin pump tested and proven for up to 12 feet for 24 hours Splash resistant waterprrof for upto 25 feet for 60 mionutes (pod only) Watertight up to 3 feet for 30 minutes
Color screen Flat panel, high contrast Gray-scale insulin pump screen Color PDM Color screen
Long battery life 3 – 4 weeks with AA lithium; option to use AA alkaline AAA alkaline AAA alkaline (PDM Only) Rechargeable battery; up to 7 days on a single charge at 2 U/hr
Integrated pump/CGM approved for kids as young as 2 Indicated for ages 2+ Indicated for ages 16+ No integrated CGM Indicated for ages 12+

*Continuous glucose monitoring.; †The clinical advantage of basal accuracy has not been established.

a. Animas versus other manufacturers: (P<0.0001). b.Testing was conducted with the OneTouch Ping® insulin pump which has the identical insulin delivery mechanism functionality as the Animas® Vibe® insulin pump. 3138977 Comparative Dose-to-Dose Variability Analysis of Durable and Disposable Insulin Pumps. Capurro, J., August 2015. c. Animas versus Medtronic: (P<0.0009). d. Animas versus Insulet and Tandem: (P<0.0001). e. The bolus calculator in the Medtronic MiniMed® 530G pump is unchanged from the bolus calculator in the Paradigm® Revel™ pump. Medtronic Bolus Wizard® feature information from Medtronic MiniMed Paradigm® Revel™ and 530G User Guides and Zisser H, Wagner R, Pleus S, et al. Diabetes Technol Ther. 2010;12(12):955-961. f. Allows patient to make decision whether to continue with delivery. g. Clinical Study to Evaluate the Safety and Effectiveness of the Dexcom G4® Continuous Glucose Monitoring system, RPT-901776. The transmitter and receiver used in the Dexcom G4® Sensor clinical trial were different from those used with the Animas® Vibe® system. However, except for a 2-hour initial calibration, the Dexcom G4® PLATINUM Transmitter and Animas® Vibe® pump function similarly to the transmitter and receiver used in the trial. h. MARD (mean absolute relative difference) is a statistical measure of the accuracy of a value compared to a reference point. The lower the MARD, the greater the accuracy. i. In a clinical trial, the overall mean absolute relative difference (MARD) between sensor readings and YSI value was 13%. j. Measured as the cross-sectional area of the introducer needle. k. Based on manufacturers’ user guides: Data on file; Abbott FreeStyle Navigator®, 2008; Medtronic MiniMed Paradigm® REAL-Time Veo™, 2009. m. CGM readings may not be transmitted from the CGM to the pump while in water. n. The Dexcom G4® PLATINUM CGM Sensor and Transmitter are water-resistant up to 24 hours at 8 feet.

1. Zisser H, Wagner R, Pleus S, et al. Clinical performance of three bolus calculators in subjects with type 1 diabetes mellitus: a head-to-head-to-head comparison. Diabetes Technol Ther. 2010;12(12):955-961. 2. Damiano ER, El-Khatib FH, Zheng H, Nathan DM, Russell SJ. Data presented at the 73rd ADA Scientific Sessions; June 21-25, 2013; Chicago, IL. 3. Pleus S, Schmid C, Link M, et al. Performance evaluation of a continuous glucose monitoring system under conditions similar to daily life. J Diabetes Sci Technol. 2013;7(4):833-841. 4. Christiansen M, Bailey T, Watkins E, et al. A new-generation continuous glucose monitoring system: improved accuracy and reliability compared with a previous-generation system. Diabetes Technol Ther. 2013;15(10):881-888. 5. Keenan DB, Cartaya R, Mastrototaro JJ, et al. Accuracy of the Enlite 6-day glucose sensor with Guardian and Veo calibration algorithms. Diabetes Technol Ther. 2012;14(3):225-231. 6. Calhoun P, Lum J, Beck RW, Kollman C. Performance comparison of the Medtronic Sof-Sensor and Enlite glucose sensors in inpatient studies of individuals with type 1 diabetes. Diabetes Technol Ther. 2013;15(9):758-761. 7. Garg S, Zisser H, Schwartz S, et al. Improvement in glycemic excursions with a transcutaneous, real-time continuous glucose sensor: a randomized controlled trial. Diabetes Care. 2006;29(1):44-50.

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