Sage Donnelly

Sage Donnelly

Where can people find out more about you?


What is your title/job/activity?

Professional Whitewater Kayaker


Please provide us with a two sentence overview of yourself.

I’m a professional whitewater kayaker with type 1 diabetes, celiac, and thyroid disease. I’ve had diabetes since age 3, celiac since 8, thyroid since 11, and I've been kayaking in my own boat since age 5.


What age and year were you diagnosed?

I was diagnosed at age 3.


What type of insulin pump do you use?

Animas® OneTouch Ping®


Give us a fun fact about yourself!

I have 6 snakes at my house and I travel to competitions in a van with 4 large dogs and my parents for over 9 months out of the year.


Why did you choose an Animas® insulin pump?

I chose my OneTouch® Ping® because I am in the water all the time training and it was hard to control my blood sugars when I had to take my pump off every time I was near the water, so when I saw that Animas® had a waterproof pump I was in.


Why do you kayaking?

I love kayaking because there is really no other sport like it. You can see amazing scenery and animals all while having fun with your friends. I also love being able to do aerial tricks (freestyle) and there is definitely nothing like being able to nail a hard line on a river or a move in a slalom course


What was your life like before an insulin pump?

I was diagnosed when I was 3 and was on a pump by age 4 so I don’t really remember much, but I definitely remember loving not having to have daily shots.


What are the main challenges with living with type 1 diabetes?

I would say the main challenge for me is making sure that my blood sugars don’t go to low when I’m working out/training, but honestly I think diabetes has made me a better athlete because it makes me so in tune with my body


What advice would you give to others your age, who are newly diagnosed with type 1 diabetes?

It may be very overwhelming and scary, but don’t let it take over your life and definitely don’t let it stop you from achieving your goals/dreams.